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Dynamic Body Balancing / Craniosacral Therapy

Dynamic Body Balancing (DBB) is a gentle form of bodywork using craniosacral therapy (CST) and myofascial unwinding techniques to release tension and create balance in the body.

In pregnancy and childbirth, DBB helps to relax soft tissues, release fascial restrictions, and restore balance to the pregnant pelvis. Consequently, mothers and babies who receive this work experience a more comfortable pregnancy and easier birth experience.

For newborns, DBB can aid with optimal breastfeeding and development by relaxing and reducing tension in the baby’s tongue, jaw, head, neck, and body. Addressing this tension can improve baby’s latch, making breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for both mom and baby. Other benefits for babies include:

a calmer nervous system

deeper breaths

better digestion

better sleep

fewer earaches

relief from reflux

improved milk transfer

better suck pattern after frenectomy (tongue and / or lip tie revision)

Prenatal Body Balancing

First session (75 min)


Follow up (60 min)


The Nest clients


Infant & Child Body Balancing / CST

First session (50 min)


Follow up (45 min)


In-home 1st session (within the first 2 weeks of life)

$105 *

In-home follow up (within the first 2 weeks of life)

$90 *

* Additional $10 charge if outside of a 20 mile radius of Minnetonka

Lactation Services

Lactation Counseling

As an ALPP certified lactation counselor, I can assist you in the privacy of your own home with breastfeeding support.

Sessions include but are not limited to:

Assessment of latch and milk transfer

Information for boosting milk supply

Suggestions and help with positions and holds

Instruction in how to use and properly clean your breast pump

Help weaning from nipple shields

Referrals to amazing IBCLCs when appropriate

Unlimited phone and email support

In-home 1st session (within the first 2 weeks of life) (90 min)

$140 *

In-home follow up (within the first 2 weeks of life) (90 min)

$115 *

Add craniosacral therapy to any lactation visit


* Additional $10 charge if outside of a 20 mile radius of Minnetonka

Breastfeeding Basics

This 2.5-hour comprehensive breastfeeding class will provide you with the information and confidence you need to get breastfeeding off to a good start. It offers evidence-based teaching on how breastfeeding works, optimal position and latch, getting back to work and much more, in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

2.5-hour breastfeeding basics class


The specific care I provide is unique to your personal preferences and therefore varies between clients.

What I do

Get to know your intentions for labor during our prenatal visits

Encourage open dialogue regarding personal hesitations, and urban myths in an effort to create a positive mental attitude towards the act of childbirth

Provide well-rounded information about the advantages and disadvantages of medical support and labor procedures

Give you full access to my knowledge and experience while you navigate the childbearing journey

Help with development of your birth hopes if desired

Support you in flowing with the path that your labor and delivery present, reminding you of your wishes

Provide basic breastfeeding and postpartum support

Support birth partner during labor (take turns supporting mother so partner may eat, sleep, get fresh air, go to bathroom, etc. and provide guidance when desired)

Offer non-medical alternatives for pain management (positioning, massage, breathing, thermotherapy, water)

Remain with you during the immediate postpartum period, helping you adjust and process the experience

Follow up with visits during the postpartum period to provide you with emotional support during those first few weeks, and to see your baby!

What I do not do

Clinical tasks of any sort (vaginal exams, blood pressure readings, diagnosis, recommend treatments, interpret charts, etc)

Make decisions for you – I will provide you with information, to help you to make informed decisions for yourself, and will support your preferences

Speak for you or ask questions on your behalf – We will become familiar with your preferences, for labor and birth, and advocate for you

Replace your partner – if you have a partner or birth support person that will be in attendance of the birth, we will work with their comfort levels to reinforce their role in the labor. A doula is not a replacement for the love and history you may have with your partner